Window tints and films

Window tints and films

A variety of styles to choose from

Window film is a functional and stylish glass covering that can be used for many different purposes, whether you are looking for the privacy offered by frosted window film, the heat, and UV restricting properties of a solar film, or just want the added benefits of a simple window tint, then we’ve got you covered with top quality materials that can and will improve the quality of your interior design.


Frosted window film is designed with privacy and security in mind, with a frosted window film covering your glass no one will be able to see in or out at any time day or night, it is the most elegant way of obscuring the view into any room without diminishing its natural sunlight because of its brilliant translucent properties.

Solar control film:

Standard window tint:

Tinted window film in a nutshell is sunglasses for your windows and has long been the go-to for general solar control due to its heat and glare reduction properties. One of the biggest benefits of a window tint is the UV protection it offers, which is a leading cause of fading of furnishings and carpets. And as a completely affordable alternative to net curtains, what’s not to love.

Solar film:

Solar film is a thin self-adhesive material designed specifically for heat, glare, and UV ray reduction and control, not only a very efficient tool in enhancing the comfort of your interior but also a very practical solution for uncontrollable heat blazing through your windows in those hot summer months. As an added bonus it also will help to lower your carbon footprint, Fantastic!

The best of both worlds:

Frosted solar film:

The best of both worlds, get all of the benefits of solar film window covering such as heat and glare reduction, on top of the 24-hour privacy that frosted film offers, seriously, what more could you want.

  • Control excess heat and glare
  • Up to 99% UV light reduction
  • 24-hour privacy guaranteed

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